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Commercial Carpet, Tile, and Upholstery Cleaning

REM Cleaning Services offers the very best professional business cleaning service in Kaufman County, TX and nearby areas. We use kid and pet safe, eco-friendly cleaners! Call us today!

The REM Cleaning Services Team provides deep cleaning for businesses nationwide, and for residences in and around Kaufman County, TX. We work to ensure your property is superbly clean so that your guests and customers can have a wonderful visit.

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REM Cleaning Services is Fully Bonded and Insured to protect your assets when it matters most!
REM Cleaning Services is certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council
REM Cleaning Services is IICRC Certified
REM Cleaning Services is certified by the ISSA
REM Cleaning Services is certified by RIA
REM Cleaning Services is certified by Basic Coatings

Hospitality Cleaning in Kaufman County, Texas

REM Cleaning Services is dedicated to helping you keep your business clean and sanitized so you’re ready for each and every customer, guest or patient that comes to visit.
Keeping up with your regular maintenance cleaning can be very time-consuming. We offer people in and around Kaufman a variety of floor cleaning services to help keep your business, office, or facility clean while taking the stress off your team so they can better serve your customers, visitors and patients.
Check out some of the reasons companies in and around Kaufman County, TX choose floor cleaning services with REM Cleaning Services.
Rem Hotel Hospitality Cleaning Texas

Hear What Our Customers in and around Kaufman County, TX say About REM Cleaning Services!

We pride ourselves on providing excellent hospitality cleaning. We’ve selected a few reviews to share, but there are many more that you can see on Google and Facebook.
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Wyndham Hotel
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Professional Business Cleaning Services We Offer in Kaufman County, TX

Is it clean?

Or is it REM Clean™?

REM stands for “Robert, Emma, and Morgan.” We’re a family, and we consider a clean home and clean office essential to good health.
That’s why, at our house and in our business, clean doesn’t only mean there aren’t any spots, stains, or residue; it also means there aren’t any contaminants, irritants, or allergens.
We treat your home like it was one of ours.
That’s REM Clean!
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